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Frequently Asked Questions

What do service gatherings “feel” like?

The gatherings are exciting, warm and friendly yet filled with a certain intentional authenticity and openness.  We pray fervently and strive faithfully to create an atmosphere whereby individuals can sense God’s spirit at work in their lives. 

We make a special attempt to discover and fulfill God’s purpose for our lives. Our hope is that people are engaged intellectually and spiritually but most importantly transformed consistently

We want people to truly experience what it means to be a disciple and a disciple-maker for Christ. Ultimately, God and His Word is the center of our attention, not speakers, pastors, worship leaders or even ourselves. We seek to exalt Jesus.

Where exactly are you located?

We initially launched our first gatherings at:
Initial Launch Location
(Lee’s Parke Clubhouse) we have officially changed this location as of  May 5th, 2019:
5599 Holley Oak Lane
Fredericksburg, VA 22407
As a result of this, there are photos, citations and references to that address online.
*Special Advisory: Due to COVID-19 precautions and in support of reducing the spread of the virus, we are currently meeting via Zoom each Sunday at 10:30 am until further notice. To stay up to date on meeting locations please visit us on facebook by clicking:

Hope City Church on Facebook 

Our mailing and business address is:
7124 Salem Fields Blvd., #105, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407

Are you affiliated with a denomination?

No, we are not a part of any denomination even though our theology is in sync with many mainline forms. We embrace a Biblical historical orthodoxy and will publicly speak to that in future iterations of this site and other communication tools.   

Simply put, we are a network of believers committed to being the church as described in the New Testament.  To best understand Hope City, one must know that we are a church, a network, a mission and a movement! All of the above.

The majority of decisions regarding the church are made by the leaders and elders of Hope City Church and all financial and legal matters are overseen by a local Board of Directors and Board of Advisors and we also have fully engaged a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and they will insure the accuracy and transparency of our reporting.

Our structure is comprised of a binary approach: an organic church network and a missional agency. We will share more on this in the coming days!

Are children programs available during weekly gatherings?

At Hope City, we consider the entire family and YES,  Ages 2 – 5 are invited to participate in our children’s program during our Sunday Gatherings.
In the near future: We will launch Hope City Kids for ages 6-12 on Sundays. Additionally, there will be teen nights monthly to encourage and challenge our youth to be ambassadors of hope for Jesus to their schools, sports teams and social media following!

What are some of the most important values for Hope City Church?

  • We pursue JESUS
  • We share life
  • We celebrate growth
  • We share our resources
  • We serve those in need
  • We challenge stagnancy
  • We pray fervently
  • We listen intently
  • We live authentically
  • We worship in transparency

What time do your gatherings start?

We gather each Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m.

Also, each Wednesday, we host an online forum for Men & Women called “Activate” which is a online collaborative forum that starts at 7:30 pm via video conferencing.

(Sign-up here for Activate Video Conferencing)  

We also gather in one-on-one discipleships which are intended to help each person grow spiritually in an intimate 1:1 setting. Our motto is “Everyone discipled, Everyone discipling!”  Other gatherings include intentional fellowships, prayer walks and leadership development. 

How long are the gatherings?

Each gathering is approximately 90-120 minutes.  It typically begins at 10:30 am with complimentary breakfast and usually runs until 12:00 – 12:15 pm.

Is there a dress code?

Lol. Absolutely no dress code. We encourage people to dress comfortably.  For some, that may mean dressing up, but for most it simply means wearing casual, comfortable clothing (Jeans, etc.) 

What kind of messaging will I hear?

At Hope City, we believe the Bible is the fully inspired Word of God, and it is our sincere desire and responsibility to preach, teach and exposit the entire Bible in all its truth, in love and complete honesty.

Why Hope City Church?

At Hope City, we strive for simplicity and spiritual effectiveness through intentional, focused moments and not daily busyness. Many churches keep their people busy with “church” activities, massive schedules and multiple events all throughout the week yet busyness and hyper-activity is not synonymous with pleasing God or doing his will.
We at Hope City pour a tremendous amount of energy into developing fresh, engaging and spiritually challenging moments that push us all to a closer walk with God.  We strongly encourage God’s people to Know More, Be More & Do More through involvement in the following areas:
  1. Sunday Gatherings
  2. Personal Daily Time with God
  3. ACTIVATE video conferencing
  4. One-on-One Discipleship
  5. Prayer Walks
  6. Service to our Community
  7. Micro-Effort leadership or involvement