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Divine Truth

We believe in the Divine Truth both living and written. According to John 1, JESUS represents both the living and written Word of God. He is the Divine Truth, the Divine Way and the Divine Life! At Hope City Church, we believe no human (except JESUS) possesses all truth nor has any been assigned to be the arbiter of all God’s truth. Instead, we surrender our thoughts and understandings of truth and life to the inspired Word of God and Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

Nurturing Relationships

We believe in Nurturing and working at real, authentic relationships. According to John 13:34, JESUS desires us to love one another the way He loved us. We accomplish this through a series of efforts and gatherings. Every Wednesday night, there are video conferences taking place all over the region. These virtual gatherings are called “Activate” with the goal of edifying the body of CHRIST to get busy and be active fulfilling the command of JESUS!

Apostolic Commission

We believe in the Apostolic calling on the life of every believer!  At Hope City Church, we do not believe that the Elders or Pastors are solely responsible for carrying out the command of JESUS to “Go into all the World…” (Matthew 28:18-20). Instead, we believe that every believer is called and every believer is responsible. Therefore, we say, “Every person must be discipled and every person should be discipling”. This is what JESUS commands us to become. Disciple makers and not simply conversion counters.

Hope City's D.N.A.

Divine Truth, Nurtured Relationships and Apostolic Commission is the

D.N.A. of Hope City Church